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Without pointing any fingers at anyone (GoDaddy), and to keep things short, we were gone and now we’re back! It’s so very exciting for us to get back to writing and posting videos! Just before “the incident”, we had recorded a few videos for trailers and/or Patreon, as well as quick shots for a vlog series we have in development.

We’ve developed a pretty filled scheduled across our different writers / content generators:

The black spots are the only spots with nothing planned!

The black spots are the only spots with nothing planned!

The guys have to sit down and officially speak about setting their goals, but with the July release of the new vlog series (to be announced in just a few days or so!), their already ahead of the game! Sadly, we lost most of the content that was posted between February and April; however, we will do our best to bring as much of it back as possible in the coming weeks (as we bring new content). Stay tuned for Monday, June 1st, for the return of regularly scheduled content here on That’s Entertainment!

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