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Nerdy Kev

Kev, co-founder of Crude Humor Studios and That's Entertainment (the parent companies that fuel most endeavors around here), enjoys writing, talking, design, video games, film, television, and other forms of storytelling. When not talking on a mic, Kev can sometime be found writing for Dark Knight News.

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Mike, co-founder of Crude Humor Studios and That’s Entertainment, enjoys writing, video games, film, television, tabletop, and other forms of creating worlds. When not found working with Kev on dopey Internet videos, he’s creating vast stories for the world of Tellest.

Twitter: @tellest || Instagram: @TellestBooks

Tellest || Crude Humor Studios || || Looking for RPG

HEARD ON: Episodes 0005, 0006, and 0007


Hall of Fame

Erin McGathy

Erin, one of the people Kev admires most in podcasting and comedy, is the host of This Feels Terrible and has awesome conversations during her podcasts, as well as creating incredibly funny live performances.

Twitter: @ErinMcGathy

This Feels Terrible ||

HEARD ON: Episode 0020

Garrett Smith

Garrett, a stand up comedian and podcaster, is a lover of pop culture and films. His reviews have the power to influence your taste.

Twitter: @filmadelphia

I like 2 Movie Movie || Letter Boxed

HEARD ON: Episodes 0001, 0002, and 0033

Jeff Stormer

Storyteller. Creator of worlds. Destroyer of worlds. Jeff is all of these. He can make you cry as easily as he can make you laugh.

Twitter: @PartyOfOnePod

Party of One Podcast

HEARD ON: Episodes 0016 and 0017

Jason Ashley

Another storyteller? Yes, we love talking to guys like Jason. He crafts stories that make you care for characters you don’t even know. #12DollarsAYearBro

Twitter: @tcftpodcast || Instagram: @tcftpodcast

Too Cool For Tabletop

HEARD ON: Episodes 0021 and 0022


Joe Caliva

From music to photography, Joe has his hands in many artistic adventures. Next time you see him at the bar, get him a cosmo!

Twitter: @joecaliva || Instagram: @joecaliva

Joe Caliva || The Bluegrass Byway

HEARD ON: Episodes 0011 and 0012


Deadpool (I’m the pretty one) is the merc with the mouth (and what a mouth!). He’s won over the Internet and has become a household name (more like a bedroom name, if you know what  I mean). In many ways, DP (tee-hee) is the truest hero of them all.

Twitter: @deadpoolmovie

Buy my movie!

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Previous Guests

Jim Hoey

Former Major League Baseball pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles and Minnesota Twins turned web developer.

Heard On

Episodes 0003 and 0004.



Former professional wrestler.

Heard On

Episodes 0008 and 0009.


William Turner

Great advice for any creative type.

HEARD ON: Episode 0013

Ace Marrero

The only person that can talk as much as Kev!

Twitter: @notoriace || Instagram: @notoriace

HEARD ON: Episodes 0014 and 0015

Core Preme

A Modern Day Renaissance Man!

Twitter: @corepreme

HEARD ON: Episodes 0016.3

Howard Eisenberg

Award Winning Author with a LIFETIME of stories.

Twitter: @guesswhozoo

Howard Eisenberg

HEARD ON: Episode 16.6

Brian Durkin

When Food Meets Funny Meets Magic.

Twitter: @FullBellyLaughs

Fully Belly Laughs

HEARD ON: Episodes 0018 and 0019

Tal Klein

Author and Sci-Fi Guru.

Twitter: @VirtualTal

HEARD ON: Episode 0020.5

Jason Mezilis

Rock and Roll and Pop Culture!

Twitter: @jasonamexilis

HEARD ON: Episode 0020.5

Tattooed Bananas

Podcasters on a 50 State Podcast Tour!

Twitter: @tattooedbananas

HEARD ON: Episode 0023

Amara Steele

DM for the Steele Empire!

Twitter: @agbenson5

Steele Empire

HEARD ON: Episode 26

David Steele

Papa of the Steele Empire, the extra e for entertainment

Twitter: @EmpireSteele

Steele Empire

HEARD ON: Episodes 0027 and 0028

Dan Drago

The music version of Kev!

Twitter: @25oclockpod

25 O’Clock Podcast

HEARD ON: Episode 0029 and 0030

Dissecting the ’80s

Just like the ’80s, these guys are super fun!

Twitter: @dissectamania

HEARD ON: Episode 0031 and 0032

Bernado Margulis

The happy version of Kev!

Twitter: @thehappypodcast

This Makes Me Happy

HEARD ON: Episode 0034

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