Back Issues: Secret Empire Underground #1

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Marvel rolls a D20 in this successful Savage Land saga.

If there are two things I love, it’s a mixed team-up of Marvel hero’s on a trip to the Savage Land. This one was clearly meant to be, and could very easily be mistaken for a Dungeon’s & Dragons campaign gone well. The cast of characters pulled together for this one is a well balanced party considering foes that include fellow Mutants and dinosaurs bigger than houses.

Lets meet the team

Falcon: Seemingly fresh off his Campaign as Captain America, we find him struggling not with his battle skills, but with the fact that Steve Rodgers has gone Hydra-brain. He’s our flyer who’s skilled at combat.

Quicksilver: Our speedy/sneaky friend with an attitude to boot (after all, his sister is a enslaved by Evil Cap). Maximoff offers more backhanded comments and negativity then actual help during battle, but he serves his purpose for our story.

Mockingbird: A heavy hitter, and the leader of our squad.

Iron Man: While Tony Stark is in his coma, this stand-in Tony A.I. uploaded to a drone-Iron Man has to stay on the plane (the Savage Land does funny things to technology), but serves as a voice in the head of our hero’s.

Hercules: The definitive heavy hitter is really only here to swing his sword at some dino’s. He gets more than he bargained for.

Ant Man: When the action gets going, the multi-sized, smart-mouthed hero springs into action as a perfect compliment to his fellows.


On a mission to recover a sliver of crystal that will bring Cap back from the dark places in his own mind, we get our first taste of action. Joining us is none other than the master of the Savage Land and high-pitched voices, Sauron. After a bit of a scuffle, an understanding comes between the crew and the lizard/man. He reveals in detail how three of his Mutant servants took over his throne after their powers were made even more intense by the presence of the crystal shard.


Aside from flashbacks of The Dark Crystal every time somebody says the phrase “crystal shard”, it’s a pretty straightforward adventure. Battles with locals, dinosaurs, and verbal battles between most of the crew and Sauron all round out this would-be-Dungeons and Dragons adventure. I don’t know if the writer of this series plays at all, but if they do, they are more than invited to DM a game for me.





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