Book Promo – Saving the Tooth Fairy

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We recognize that some of our audience are full fledged adults with kids, so we’ve enjoyed sharing some of these children’s stories the last few days. That’s Entertainment may have some more PG-13 related content produced and shared, but when there’s a good story to share, we must not turn it away!

Tina Stickles knows what’s important to young children.  She’s crafted a story centering around the Tooth Fairy and a little boy named Ian who wants to be a superhero.  Saving the Tooth Fairy is a whimsical little tale that has big aspirations.  It’s the perfect bed time story, especially for a little one who might be about to lose their first baby tooth.

Tooth Fairy

Ian is an ordinary little boy with ordinary dreams. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a superhero? When Ian loses his first tooth, he can barely contain his excitement knowing the Tooth Fairy is coming. What he does not count on, is the uninvited guest that joins her. Can Ian save the Tooth Fairy or are they both doomed?

Stickles’ story has just released on Amazon.


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