Book Promo – The Staff of Tzaddi

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There is a precarious balance that every good writer knows you need to capture the attention of your readers. Romance can’t be too sappy, action can neither be exhausting nor boring, and mysteries must unfold at just the right moment.

With her debut novel, The Staff of Tzaddi, Tiffany Newborn deftly toes the line between love and vengeance, action and storytelling.  It’s the Romeo and Juliet of this genre, spun with such care and clever wordplay that you’d swear the author had been writing for all her life.

Staff of Tzaddi


Their love was born from centuries of hatred… will it be enough to save the world? Prince Teiwaz Zayin is the future king of the Dark Dwellers. He is obsessed with one thing: vengeance. Since his mother’s untimely demise, nothing has mattered more to him than retribution.

Meanwhile, a secret menace is rising, seeking to use the Staff of Tzaddi to destroy the world. When Teiwaz meets Sowelu Kano, the first Light Dweller he’s ever seen, they embark upon a quest to stop the staff from falling into the wrong hands. Can they restore balance to the land of Tau before it’s too late?

The Staff of Tzaddi, Newborn’s debut novel, is available on Amazon.  Do yourself a favor and check it out!

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