Quantum Quest Backgrounds

Hey there folks!  We’ve got a pretty cool treat for you today, in the form of the backgrounds for our upcoming tabletop game.  All of our characters have a beautiful background behind them, courtesy of our excellent sprite artist, Sergei Churbanov.  Finally, you get to see them all!   Dungeon Our macdaddy is the dungeon. … Continue reading Quantum Quest Backgrounds

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Tellest Sprite Art – Kaja

We’ve got a new group of heroes to show off to you from our card game, which we’re getting increasingly further along with! Testing is going well, and we’re excited to drop some major bombshells regarding what this game is all about very, very soon.

Fantasy Web Series Promo – Portalz

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: we’re always excited to promote fantasy in new mediums.  We’ve worked with people who are part of radio plays, interactive storybooks and crowdfunding opportunities.  Today, we’re here with another really cool change of pace, and we’re hopeful that you’ll really dig it. Portalz is the work of Alicia R. Norman, the …