Control.Gov by Sandra Rains DeBusk

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Sandra Rains DeBusk, although a mother first, is an independent writer of the fiction, fantasy, horror, science fiction, and many other genres. Control.Gov is the first book in the Conspiracy series and can be found on her website or on Amazon!


A small city, Royce Nebraska, is used as an experiment by the government. Small amounts of a chemical called- Craninium S3, are dropped in a mist over the city, for weeks at a time, until the damage has been done, and people begin to change. This chemical affects certain brain cells that control humanity, and the ability to know right from wrong. It also creates an unquenchable thirst for human meat. The normal lives of those who live in Royce, are now over, and the true fight begins. Government: Those lying, cheating murders that we love to trust and believe. You will never look at your beautiful, but blind life the same way again.

Control.Gov is available NOW! Get it as an autographed hard cover from Sandra’s website or digitally from Amazon!

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