Mini Move Review: Cop Car, 2015

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WOOO! That’s the sound I made as soon as the credits started to roll. I finished Cop Car more than 24 hours ago and I think my palms just now stopped sweating. This is the most intense and thrilling coming of age story I’ve ever seen. It’s dark, it’s twisted, and it’s full of the innocence and joy only a child’s perspective can bring.

Cop Car really is top notch stuff – from the understated but beautiful film making, to the phenomenal performances of both boys and the terrifying adults whose world they enter (shout out to Kevin Bacon for one of the best on screen coke rages I’ve ever seen), from the uncannily accurate writing for the children, to the explosive 20 minute finale that had me riveted. This is one of those rare experiences that, like some of the Coen’s work, transcends any ideas we have about genre and becomes a wholly unique work – almost indefinable. It’s both hilarious and terrifying in its depictions of childhood innocence, milking more tension than most horror movies can muster out of typical, boyhood curiosity. This is Stand By Me on way better cocaine (Stephen King joke, get it?) and I can’t recommend enough that you go out of your way to see it.

Cop Car scored: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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