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Things have been up and down when it comes to my writing, but after recently admitting to some issues I’ve had and a weekend getaway with my better half, I feel refreshed. There are about 5-7 days worth of stress left for me, and I’ll likely get into all that in the coming weeks.

You see, I’ve decided to turn this blog into a weekly thing that will likely consist of just personal things going on in my life that I’m willing to share. Or, just things effecting me. Or things I’m passionate about. Much like this paragraph, I’ll be rambling!

This week’s post is nothing really; just a simple “HEY, HERE’S MY PLAN!” Next week, well next week is going to be a revisit to a past post I have written on here. I have a feeling I’ll have a touch of sadness while writing it and then going through my remembrance.

After that, we’ll see where the wind will blow this ship… no tight guidelines to follow on this blog… just a weekly dose of Kev and my inner thoughts / ramblings.

Get you’re coffee (or beverage of choice) ready.

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