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D&D Sourcebook—Acquisitions Incorporated Launching June 18

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acquistions incorporated source book featured image

Acquisitions Incorporated, the podcast / Twitch stream / live performance Dungeons & Dragons actual play from Penny Arcade is getting it’s own official sourcebook. This summer, Wizards of the Coast and Penny Arcade invite you to play in the Acquisitions Incorporated universe when they launch an official D&D sourcebook!


Since 2008, Acquisitions Incorporated has shared their adventures and mishaps with their fans. Originally as a podcast, they eventually expanded to live shows at the PAX conventions and on their Twitch channel. The Dungeon Master (DM) Jeremy Crawford (the Lead Rules Designer for Dungeons & Dragons) guides the adventures and mischief of Penny Arcade and PAX co-founders, Jerry Holkins (Omin Dran, Cleric) and Mike Krahulik (Jim Darkmagic, Wizard) as well as a rotating cast of guests that have included author Patrick Rothfuss (Viari, Rogue) and gamin icon Morgan Webb (Môrgæn, Ranger).


The sourcebook, a 224-page tome, will allow Dungeon Masters and players to experience the hilarious world and adventures of Acquisitions Incorporated in their very own games. With new spells, a new race, and character positions; it’s easier than ever to take part in this universe. The book also includes an adventure module so DMs and players can jump in headfirst!

Co-founder of Penny Arcade, Jerry Holkins, had this to say:

“Being able to give back to the game that I’ve been playing most of my life is incredible. I can’t wait for players to join my friends and I in Acquisitions Incorporated, not just because it’s a book and a world we’re very proud of, but also because my character gets a cut of their earnings.”

From now until April 1, Acquisitions Incorporated will be available exclusively on the Penny Arcade store for $49.95 and will come with a free exclusive pin.

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