Death Trap Trailer Debuts From Director Deandra Spinner

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Emerald Wolf Studios debuts the first trailer from director Deandra Spinner’s ‘Death Trap’. On Halloween in 1999, six friends crash their car and the horror ensues.

Death Trap is Spinner’s directorial debut. The film stars Bruce Klesfstad, Emma Butler, Laith Wallschleger, Mercedes Gutierrez, Nicholas Denmon, Dafni Sufra, and TroyBrookins. After the aforementioned car crash, the friends cross paths with sadistic Baptist zealots.

Check out the trailer and poster below:


The official summary, supplemented with information directly from the studio, is as follows:

death trap movie poster

Death Trap follows the story of six friends on Halloween 1999 in what promises to be a night of mischief and debauchery. The night quickly turns sour when a deadly combination of Florida wildlife, inclement tropical weather and a youthful assumption of invincibility set the stage for an accident that leaves the group stranded in the dark interior of the night. Quick-tempered Jake disappears into the dark. Derek and Jamal search for their furious friend while the girls stay behind. Eventually, the girls’ patience wears thin and they set out to seek help on their own. They will all soon discover that alligators are not the only predators living in the Sunshine State.

I’m very intrigued by this film. I love me a throwback to the ’90s, it’s strange for a horror film to go back to that era. When I think horror, if not set in the present, I think of the ’80s. Don’t get me wrong, setting it in the ’90s is a win! My favorite horror movie, Scream, was made in the ’90s. The trailer doesn’t give away how the year plays into the story, if at all; and the profanity seems to be here just for the sake of it. Admittedly, that could be because it’s crammed into the trailer versus experiencing the story from start to finish.

Death Trap will premiere on the festival circuit in 2020.

Images and Video Courtesy of Emerald Wolf Studios.

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