Deathstroke #34 Review

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It might be an understatement to say fans of Batman weren’t a little hurt at the news of the cancelled Ben Affleck-Geoff Johns movie, The Batman. The movie was gonna see the Dark Knight square off against Deathstroke. This isn’t a new concept to the comics, but it would have been a new one for the silver screen. Enter Matt Reeves, the new director who took over for the franchise. We still know little to nothing about it but what we do now is that there is no longer Deathstroke the primary antagonist. Que the violin for the sadness theme. Thank God for comics.

Over the past couple of issues the Deathstroke book, from writer Priest, has been spotlighting this idea of Deathstroke vs Batman. This issue is the penultimate portion of the six part story-line and it’s not the most exciting book honestly. The whole idea behind this rivalry is who is the true father of Damian Wayne.


In some ways the book is just a bit too all over the place. Which is upsetting because the first couple of issues into the arc were extraordinary. Much like its’ predecessor issue, this issue continues its sloppy structure leading to underwhelming fist fight between the two DC juggernauts. Don’t get me wrong the fight sequences are done beautifully but they are polluted by writing that feels like a grade school playground brawl.

The art by Carlo Pagulayan feels a bit too bright for the story trying to be told here. Don’t get me wrong Pagulayan’s art definitely is beautiful in and of itself. It just feels a bit too misplaced for this book. However the book’s closing brawl between the two character really does allow the book to shine. Pagulayan uses his color palette to create a unique visual experience that allows readers to get the battle they’ve so desperately desired between these two heavy weights.


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