REVIEW: Deathstroke #35

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Do you remember when they first announced that the supposed Man of Steel sequel was actually called Batman vs Superman? How everyone lost their minds to see a battle between the big blue boy scout and the dark knight in live action. Then that fight only ended up being a few minutes. They build their marketing around the two of these heroes going head to head. That a piece of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns was coming to the silver screen. Only it never did; not in the way we expected or wanted at least.

Enter the finale of the arc entitled Deathstroke vs Batman. Once again, what you get is not what is promised. That’s really what this issue is – tying up lose ends but doing it in the most anticlimactic way imaginable. Without giving any spoilers away, the assassin and dark knight are forced to work together to survive. Doesn’t sound like Deathstroke vs Batman does it?


Writer, Priest, tries to create a twist at the end but ultimately spoils the twist early in the arc. While the bulk of the book does feel like mismarketed, it’s not without its epic fight sequences that fans came to expect. The marriage between Priest’s writing and Carlo Pagulayan’s art is something few books can match in the action department. With that said, the art does pop and sparkle. Creating an atmosphere of wonder and grit.

Overall, Deathstroke # 35, honestly is a missed opportunity. Something that should be epic and action packed, is instead dry and lackluster in its storytelling. Dont get me wrong, the book does have its moments but they are far and few between. The art does create an environment of warmth and grit. Creating a lasting experience.


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