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Skyzone is a trampoline activity center… well, they describe it as a trampoline park, but whatever. The concept is very cool. Trampoline everything. Trampoline slam dunks, trampoline dodge ball, trampoline pit dive, and trampoline trampolines.

I’m sure going there to purely enjoy it for yourself, at any age, is also very cool. Or going with a group of friends… it all just seems like one of the greatest ideas ever. However, there are some flaws.

1. You can’t bounce with your kids. The open bounce area is separated by age groups. I totally get this… keep the little ones away from the big ones to avoid accidental injury. Where I find issue is that, as a parent, I should be able to bounce with my kid. If I’m going there with my kids, I have no other reason to bounce except with them.

2. As an adult, the foam pit is an actual pit of doom. Now, this doesn’t make it any less fun… perhaps even more-so. And I’ve heard that they have installed a pull rope to assist with freeing yourself, but there is a sense of doom as you quickly sink.

I have a three and a half year old and a one year old… this is not a place to bring them. The one year old literally can’t do anything there and her big brother can only do some stuff. I suppose if he’s going with a bunch of kids his own age, it would be more fun… but when you’re that young, your friends are mainly your older cousins and your parents (none of which are allow to bounce with you).

I actually envision this as being a great place to hang out at when you’re on the verge of becoming a teenager. You’d likely be able to appreciate every activity they have to offer, are likely able to be dropped off (parents, it’s better than them doing drugs) and left alone for an hour or two… it’s quite honesty the best thing around since the Sportsland days from when I was a kid.

I’m not sure if they offer this, but I think “adult night” would be a great concept here too. Their insurance company probably wouldn’t allow it, but think of the possibilities of drunken trampoline dodge ball? Jumping at this facility really does bring the kid out in you.


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