2017 E3 Nintendo Presentation

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Since it’s just Nintendo today, I’ll be doing a real quick rundown of what they came to the plate with today.  With a presentation that clocked in at only 25 minutes, I have to admit I was pretty worried.  They’ve had some grand missteps in the past, so I wanted to be prepared.  But they’ve completely changed my mind in that short time period, and I’m finding out more stuff in their Treehouse presentation after the fact.

Things started off with a brief montage of the competitive games coming out.  Arms, Splatoon 2, Pokken Tournament Deluxe and—the first big surprise—Rocket League all made an appearance in this first minute or two.

The coolest news of all, regarding Rocket League?  Just like with Minecraft, you’ll be able to play with people on other platforms, including XBox.

Reggie came onboard next to give a little idea of where we were going with this Direct/Spotlight.  After his spiel, we saw a decent amount of footage for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which is coming out this Fall.  It looks gorgeous and grand, just like the other games in the series.

A new Kirby game was up next, and it looks delightfully charming.  You can woo enemies onto your team, which looks to be the main mechanic of the game.  I’m unsure thus far whether you can control those indoctrinated enemies manually, or if it’s all handled by AI.

After that, we had some exec speak from Nintendo and the Pokemon company, where they talked briefly about Pokken before announcing that, yes, there will be a “core” Pokemon game in the Switch’s future.  That’s a bit of huge news, even if they don’t have anything to show for it yet.  Pokemon pretty much prints money, so that will likely firmly establish the Switch as a firm contender in the console market going forward.  Meanwhile, there’s people who are still struggling to get a system!

As if the announcement of a forthcoming Pokemon wasn’t enough, they blew the lid off the spotlight video by confirming that Metroid Prime 4 is in development as well.  Now, mind you, there’s very little footage—it’s only a logo and some music—but that’s enough to get people going!  Interestingly enough, we learned after the presentation that this game is being developed by a new team, not Retro.

A new Yoshi game was up next, and it looks to take some cues from his epic yarn and Paper Mario in some ways.  It’s like expanding that idea even further, but it’s definitely not 2D.  It looks highly adaptable, but you’ll have to check it out to see if it piques your interest.

Fire Emblem Warriors stepped into the limelight next.  While we still haven’t seen gameplay footage, we were treated with a montage of several of the lords that would be joining you on your quest.  This game is out in the Fall, unlike Yoshi and Kirby which won’t be out until next year.

Next up, Eiji Aonuma was a part of the presentation, talking about the Skyrim/Breath of the Wild crossover we saw from Bethesda earlier in the week.  Breath of the Wild was the main draw here, though, specifically related to the new DLC that’s coming out, as well as four new amiibos that focus on the four lost champions from that game.  They look awesome, so be sure to check them out. The DLC itself also looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.  The Trial of the Sword looks inspired, while the new hard mode looks like it’s doing more than just giving enemies more health.

Reggie was back in the presentation to talk about the competitive things going on at E3 this year before things shifted over to Yves Guillemot from Ubisoft, who gave another brief look at Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.  I’m actually still surprised at how polished this game looks, especially considering how cynical everyone, myself included, was about it before it’s official reveal!

Rocket League received a short but official piece of the spotlight pie when it was confirmed for cross-platform and exclusive items.

The show closed out, though, with the big daddy.  Nintendo surprised everyone by having a T-Rex stroll onto this beautiful grassy cliff, and I’m sure everyone was thinking Monster Hunter.  But out comes Mario and his hat, and it hits you: this is Mario Odyssey.  This trailer looks amazing.  It looks like it’s aiming to do for Mario what Breath of the Wild did for Zelda.  And while I’m still keeping my expectations low, it looks ridiculous in the best way possible.  Not only can Mario change costumes, he can change beings.  By throwing his hat at enemies, he can take control of them. Beyond enemies, it also looks like he can become fire and electricity, and of course, that T-Rex from the beginning.  The game looks gorgeous, and I for one am sorry for my wallet come October and November when all these games come out!

While the Spotlight focused on primarily Switch games, there were some new things revealed in the Treehouse following immediately after.  If Metroid Prime 4‘s announcement didn’t scratch your itch for that series, perhaps the 3DS release of Metroid: Samus Returns—a remake of Metroid 2: The Return of Samus—will catch your eye.  This game is also just around the corner, releasing on September 15th.

Also after the spotlight, Nintendo revealed three more amiibo: dapper versions of Mario, Peach and Bowser from Mario Odyssey.  Some time later, they also added two Metroid amiibos to the mix: one of Samus in a crouched position, the other of a metroid hatchling.  The hatchling in particular is pretty interesting, in that it’s not a hard amiibo—while the base is firm, the bulbous top of the metroid is squishy!

So in only 25 minutes and some change, Nintendo managed to talk about quite a lot.  Once more, I have to say, all the great games coming out this year, for Nintendo and the other companies, are really going to be putting a hurting on my bank account!

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