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Earth X #0

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Earth X #0 sets up this new version of Earth within the Marvel Universe.

Writer: Jim Krueger and Alex Ross
Pencils: J.P. Leon
Inks: Bill Reinhold
Cover: Alex Ross

Full disclosure, I’m reading and reviewing Marvels X for Multiversity Comics, so while I’m going to do my best judging the original series in its own merits; I may let what I think of the newest series bleed through. That being said, I’m very excited by the prospects of what this original series has to offer. I’m very much a fan of dystopian future stories, so to have one set in the Marvel universe feels like a match made in heaven.

Earth X #0 opens with Aaron Stack, formerly known as Machine Man, who has been summoned by The Watcher, Uatu. He shows Machine Man, whom he refers to as X-51—despite Aaron’s request not to, all that has transpired on Earth. How he was sent to watch over Earth as The Celestials manipulated mankind, creating beings like The Eternals. Watching as the Inhumans came to power; how the mythical gods of Asgard and Olympus came to be. Everything we’ve come to know about Marvel was shown to Aaron Stack because he was chosen to be the next Watcher—Uatu had been blinded by an enemy.

Jim Krueger and Alex Ross set up an amazing story with Earth X #0.

Krueger and Ross set up a great story that focuses on these two characters, however, it does feel like it drags on. Compared to their recent Marvels X #2, which may be one of the best-paced books I’ve ever read. Despite the pacing, they leave you wanting more. It was hard to not continue on to the next issue while waiting to write this review, which demonstrates the strength of the overall story.

The art in Earth X #0 feels very dated, despite being published in 1999. Because of the limited settings shown in this issue, I’m unsure how I really feel about J.P. Leon’s work here. It’s certainly not bad, but something about it doesn’t sit well with me. I do think the blue tones while on the moon are a great touch and are my favorite part of the visual side.


The story set up in Earth X #0 is exciting, but this issue was a bit of a chore to get through. With most of the issues in this run being a shorter page length, and this zero issue serving as the setup, I’m not anticipating pacing to be an issue in the future.

Score: 7.4/10

Images courtesy Marvel Comics.

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