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Easy Listening is back, now coming at you on a biweekly basis! Want to get reacquainted? Here is our first post that featured Erin McGathy‘s This Feels Terrible. Caught up? GREAT!

This week’s featured podcast is the CAMPAIGN podcast by the One Shot Podcast Network. The CAMPAIGN podcast is an actual play podcast where a small, consistent group of Chicago nerds get together to record role-playing games. It is hosted by Kat Kuhl. CAMPAIGN focuses on long-form or “campaign” gaming. By this, we mean that each week, Kat leads a team of improvisers (James D’Amato, John Patrick Coan, and Johnny O’Mara) through a continuous story that could take months or even years to complete. CAMPAIGN is currently set in the Star Wars universe, and uses the Edge of the Empire gaming system. If CAMPAIGN has a goal, it’s to show how character-driven storytelling can positively impact all classic elements of long-form analogue gaming, and turn out a compelling and entertaining narrative.

I was first turned on to CAMPAIGN by fellow Philadelphia podcaster, Jeff Stormer during an interview (part 1 & part 2) I did with him. I started listening almost immediately and loved it. Everything from the comedians portraying the characters, the characters themselves, to the story; I loved it all. When I began listening, I would work it into my listening schedule when I could. It was a nice break from life. It wasn’t until August, when my uncle’s cancer had come back, that I started to binge listen to CAMPAIGN. You can hear me talk about what Star Wars means to me, and my relationship to my uncle, in an episode I recorded after seeing Rogue One. As my uncle’s condition worsened, I would turn to this podcast to escape reality for an hour at a time. It was, and is, a way for me to laugh and remember my uncle in a positive way.

CAMPAIGN has become a huge inspiration to me—once time and money permits, we’ll be starting our own actual play RPG podcast that is similar in tone to CAMPAIGN, but it will be set in a completely different universe and using a different game system. How or why does this show inspire me? It is honestly, in my opinion, the perfect actual RPG podcast. A continuous story—I love a good story. From drama to comedy, as long as the story A to B is overall entertaining, I’m in. CAMPAIGN is that and more. The game play—it is one of a few shows I listen to that rarely break character. This is super important to me, it makes it more entertaining and more immersive. It is clear that the improvisers are incredibly quick and talented at what they do—it’s the icing on the cake that makes this such a great show.

I can’t love the cast any more either. Kat Kuhl is the host, game master, and plays Lyntel’luroon. It’s amusing to see her navigate the story, despite the boys continuous ploys to derail it. James D’Amato fills in as host/game master from time to time and plays clone number: CT1776 AKA Bacta. He plays part leader, part father figure, part straight man, and some how still gets involved with ploys of derailment. JPC plays Tryst Valentine, a smuggler and pilot of the Mynock. He’s reckless, but good. Johnny O’Mara plays Leenik Geelo, a bounty hunter whose plan is always to get captured on purpose.

I’m lucky enough to be in the process of scheduling and interview with James D’Amato for Everything is Awesome. To be able to personally thank him for making 2016 suck less will be an honor.

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