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Welcome to the inaugural edition of Easy Listening, where I share with you some of my favorite podcasts that you should totally be listening to. Sometimes I’ll feature mainstream podcasts here, other times I’ll feature indie podcasts; it’ll really depend on what really struck a cord with me that week. I’ve been a fan of podcasts since nearly the beginning and, even though we totally live in a world where they are beginning to be recognized as a legitimate medium, there are still plenty of people who ask me “What’s a podcast?”–so this is my little way of not only answering that question, but offering some very good podcasts to start off with.

What qualifies me? As I mentioned above, I’ve been listening to podcasts since around 2006, so for over a decade at this point, and have always been a fan of the “talk” format. What I’ve learned more recently is that if you expand your horizons beyond the mainstream podcasts, there is not only amazing content out there, but a pretty great community of people. I’ve adopted more “indie” shows in my life recently, even having to let of some of my favorite mainstream shows to do so, and I feel better for it. Hopefully I turn you on to a new podcast, but at the end of the day, I’m happy to just share my thoughts on creators and artists whom I admire and enjoy listening to on a weekly basis. Want to learn more about podcasts and how it all started? Check this wiki entry out!

This weeks Easy Listening show is Erin McGathy’s This Feels Terrible on the Feral Audio network. Comedian and repeat relationship failure, Erin McGathy talks love, sex and all matters of heartbreak in the podcast version of her live show originally performed at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre.

This Feels Terrible

I first discovered Erin McGathy through another podcast, Harmontown, and instantly became a fan of her as a performer. It wasn’t until about a year or two later that I discover This Feels Terrible that I truly looked at Erin as a muse and someone that I really respected in the podcast world. There are three shows, and more specifically the hosts behind them, that inspire me and my own podcast and Erin is one of them. The energy she brings to this show is wonderful and the topic of relationships let us view her guests in very private way–how often do you tell the world about your relationship? All the while, Erin manages to keep her interviews about this sensitive subject fun and conversational (a quality I deeply respect in podcasts). Generally, with each episode, we learn more about Erin as we learn about her guest. It takes a lot of courage to be able to show that side of yourself and, in the end, the listener is the better for it.

As of this writing, her most recent episode (number 74) with guest Alexi Wasser is what made me choose This Feels Terrible as this weeks featured podcast. Not only did we learn a lot about Alexi, who opened herself up in a very personal way, Erin shared a piece of her audio diary. You can tell that she recorded the entry she shared with no expectations to share it publicly, which makes opening that door for everyone to hear even harder to do. Erin let us into a piece of her life that is extremely personal. While I’ve heard parts of this sotry retold on another podcast of hers (Human Covnersation), this was a very different experience. Had this not been on her podcast, I would have felt guilty for listening to something so personal.

As a final thought, I had the chance to sit down and talk with Erin on my own podcast, Everything is Awesome, and she couldn’t have made that experience any easier if she tried. As I mentioned above, she is one of the three people I–and forgive me for using such a silly word, but its all that is coming to mind at the moment– idolize and draw inspiration from, so getting her to be on my show is a huge deal for me. I won’t spoil anything, so I’ll just publicly thank Erin, once again, for being on the show and just quickly plug that Episode 20 with Erin McGathy will be available to download on 6/29/2016.

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