Everything is Awesome Episode 87 – Sex Education (Creepcast)

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Creepcast was an old podcast of mine—I briefly talked about it during the 10 year special we put together. The first season of the podcast was Happy Hour with Steel Tip minus Santoro and Jonesy. When that show fell apart, I started it back up a few months later and it eventually morphed into a new version of Happy Hour. However, the very first episode of that second season of Creepcast was meant to be something else.

I found this episode earlier in the year—I was looking for stuff for the 10 year special that I was planning. Part of me was also hoping I’d find the lost episode of Creepcast I recorded—it was recorded in the Outerbanks with my Uncle and his friend. I was under the impression that it was the only audio recording I had of my Uncle. Then I found episode 21 of Creepcast.

It took me about 10 months to sit down and listen to this episode. Not only was it too soon when I found it, by the time I was ready, it happened to be about a year or so when my Uncle first too a turn for the worse. This time of year has been rough for me. But I’m so happy I finally sat down and listened to this. Mind you, the humor in this is from about 9 years ago and isn’t something I really do anymore, but I got to hear my Uncle as my Uncle. That’s the worst part about losing somebody… you start to lose pieces of them over time.

All in all, I hope you enjoy this dated humor, but more importantly, I now will have my Uncle’s voice forever. Also, if you have the extra funds, please consider donating to Fuck Cancer, they’re an incredible organization that has the spirit that I think my Uncle would have loved.


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