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Everything is Awesome Episode 93 – Loner With A Phone (Karan Singh)

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In the Awesome cave this week is the one true loner with a phone, Karan Singh! He is one of India’s most prolific snapper (is that what we call Snapchat users?) and chats about his time traveling, beer yoga, and his be a loner attitude.


A loner is someone who doesn’t like to get associate with anyone. The term “Loner” represents “individuality”. A loner is someone who cares for the world.  But, not what “they” will think. Honestly, to be a loner is a courageous choice. He or she chooses to walk or create their own path.

We live in a delusional world. And, the moment when one says that he is a loner. The world sees it with pity. But, if you’re wise enough, you’ll not judge anyone by their personalities. Loner doesn’t mean- He or She is lonely. Rather being a loner is all about enjoying your own company. Knowing yourself better and trying to know even more. Expecting less from others instead of choosing to give more. A loner is a natural empath, a giver, a path maker.

For a loner, the entire world is its home. And so he/she loner can’t stay in one place for long. A loner is a natural traveler. He/She has to move on to different places, connect with different people, listen to their stories. In order, to make or create ONE.
To be a loner is a choice. A choice to stay authentic to yourself.

And, if this resonates with you- you are at the right page.

Welcome, to the world of a loner. We are ready to embark on a new journey.

And, let’s together build our own league.



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All this and more on this weeks edition of Everything is Awesome!

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