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Everything is Awesome Episode 96 – RIP Wes Craven (Ha Steyelz)

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This week, Ha Steyelz joins us to discuss his music career, but not before taking Kev down a dark path—the Berlantivesre. Much love is shared about comic books and very specifically the Berlantiverse. Is Arrow still the flagship show? After geeking out for more than half the episode, Kev grills Ha Steyelz about his career.


Ha Steyelz was born in Queens, NY USA on December 22, 1983. He always had an affinity for the arts, whether, if it is drawing, dance, or music. The release of Wu-Tang Clan’s “Wu-Tang Forever” has sparked his interest in hip hop culture. Growing up in the 90’s, Ha Steyelz was greatly aware of the type of music he wanted to make. Influences involve most 90’s “Golden Era” artists, such as 2Pac, Notorious BIG, Puff Daddy, Wu-Tang Clan, and other notable artists.

Ha Steyelz believes in the eclectic nature of music. The instrumentals of choice for all of his music is unorthodox as it relates to today’s hip hop, but this is because of his philosophy of staying as TRUE to the creative process of hip hop as the pioneers have. By taking existing music and musical genres and mixing them to create something new.

These experiences from different walks of life, has given Ha Steyelz a wide range of education in people. Understanding the backgrounds that others have for their lives, helps Ha Steyelz tap into the characters that are demanded of him, on screen. Having played the role of Brian in the web series “Still In Love With Love”, Ha Steyelz is asked to become a best friend to a music professional that is not always easy to support. At times, the Brian character emulates his best friend, and aspires to be like him. But the story called for a different growth of the characters. Because Ha Steyelz is the cowriter, co-director, and chief editor of the series, the vision for the Brian character is realized early on, and translated well on screen.


Directing music videos are an essential skill that Ha Steyelz has refined in order to market himself in the world of media entertainment. Directing, shooting, and editing videos for acts such as Shaquawna Shawnte, Scope Vision, MarsTheMC, Microwave, and Ha Steyelz, himself, has given well-rounded experience for any project. It makes Ha Steyelz a versatile individual on set and off set.

Along with making music, Ha Steyelz R. Ha is also CEO of Fair One Entertainment – an entertainment company committed to providing all facets of entertainment. Fair One Entertainment has provided musical entertainment from artists MarsTheMC (rapper), Microwave (rapper), King Mickey (music producer), and Reflecting Glory Band. As the CEO of Fair One Entertainment, Ha Steyelz has also the managed for each of these acts. He has also worked closely with Made In The District Productions, a DC based company, to produce music videos for artists such as Chris Jane, Robbie Celeste, and Footwerk. Made in the The District Productions most recent project is The Future of Sports, a creative space that takes a modern, yet futuristic look at classic sports with an artistic spin on the look, using colors and shapes.

With the future brighter than ever for this fan of music, Ha Steyelz R. Ha hopes to work hard and take Fair One Entertainment, LLC into a realm of professionalism and unmatched work ethic to bring the world the best in entertainment. His latest album “Bottom of the Bottle” is available on most, major streaming services.


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All this and more on this weeks edition of Everything is Awesome!

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