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Everything is Awesome Episode 106 – Shaman (with Shaman Jon)

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Shaman Jon is this week’s guest! We chat about creativity, podcasting and more! If you can’t tell, Kev 100% assumed Jon used ‘Shaman’ as part of his name for 95% of the show… Kev’s a fool.


Like the most notable artists within any creative pursuit, songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, Shaman Jon creates music that isn’t readily boxed into a single style, genre or sound. Yet once you become familiar with the way he weaves language and melody (and the powers within both) into something well beyond the sum of its parts, his songs, recordings and performances resonate with a distinctive imprint and allure all his own.

Jon’s artistic mission and reach parallels his ongoing actual, musical and spiritual journeys, which provide a map to guide the listener to a fuller understanding of the man and the music he creates. Hailed by BSharp Magazine for the way he “bring(s) a poetic sensitivity to music without losing energy or intensity [and] offers a sweet tonic for the trials and tribulations of the human heart.”


At every stop Shaman Jon further absorbed a vast range of styles, modes and inspirations into his writing and composing, digging into ethnic traditions, exploring world music and keeping an ear to the cutting edge and the craft of popular appeal. He has wrapped it all up into a musical approach that’s akin to such artists he admires as the late Chris Whitley, Tricky, Jeff Buckley and Grant Lee Phillips, Steve Gunn, Father John Misty but can’t help but pull from his earlier aggressive grunge and 70s rock roots.

His many musical endeavors beyond his own solo, duo, trio and band endeavors have also included performing in the gamelan company Grady Cousins and the One People Voice and his longtime participation in percussion-oriented ensembles, most recently playing a blend of Brazilian samba, Afro-Cuban drumming, New Orleans second line, hip hop, funk, calypso and more in the Austin, TX-based mobile percussion squad Krakatoa.

Shaman Jon and his new band The Ritual are currently working on new songs for an upcoming record and tour.


The Wisdom Distillery is an eclectic long form podcast much like those of Joe Rogan or Dr. Christopher Ryan or Duncan Trussell. Hosted by entrepreneur, recording artist and filmmaker, Shaman Jon, we cover a broad range of subjects that include; the arts, geo-politics, spirituality and religions, science and futurism, sexuality, music, sustainability, psychedelics as well as discuss controversial current events often from a higher level philosophical and/or spiritual view point.


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All this and more on this weeks edition of Everything is Awesome!

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