everything is awesome episode 126 10 years of marvel panel at wizard world philadelphia 2018 featured image

Everything is Awesome Episode 126 – 10 Years of Marvel Panel @ Wizard World

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everything is awesome episode 126 10 years of marvel panel at wizard world philadelphia 2018 featured image

Our 2018 Philadelphia Podcast Festival celebration is nearing it’s end, in fact; all we have left is the festival itself! We pause to talk 10 Years of Marvel (again)! This time Wizard World Philly had us run the panel on Friday, May 18th, 2018. Kev hosted the panel with Ariell Johnson (owner of Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse), Kate Sheridan (katesheridanart.com), and Mike DeAngelo (Tellest) joining as panelists. We talk A LOT about Infinity War, the history of the MCU, and answer questions from the audience. Also, a special shout out to Maggie from Temple of Geek for mentioning us in her Con Coverage: Wizard World Philadelphia 2018 article!

Be sure to come out to Tattooed Mom on July 1st, 2018 at 1:00pm for Everything is Awesome: LATE NIGHT at The Philadelphia Podcast Festival. We’ll be playing FOOD FRIGHT, a series of four food challenges, where you can win CASH, free drinks, a gift card to MIND ESCAPE, and more! We’ll be joined by stunt worker and fight choreographer, Jacqueline Holloway and Philadelphia comedian, Kyle Harris!


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All this and more on this weeks edition of Everything is Awesome!

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