everything is awesome episode 144 - mission: accomplished! with jeff stormer featured image

Everything is Awesome Episode 144 – Mission: Accomplished! w/ Jeff Stormer

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everything is awesome episode 144 - mission: accomplished! with jeff stormer featured image

Off the heels of our conversation on After Party of One, Jeff Stormer returns to Everything is Awesome! Before getting into his freshly funded Kickstarter game, Mission: Accomplished!, we chat about Jeff’s first appearance (part 2 is here, his appearance on our second LATE NIGHT show is here, and when we played Mission: Accomplished! on Episode 100 is here) on the show; as well as the Philadelphia Podcast class of 2016. We get into some baby face vs. heel talk, and it wouldn’t be complete with paying some respect to Campaign (the Star Wars run).


I’m Jeff Stormer. I’m a cog in a white-collar corporate machine by day, and tabletop podcaster and game designer by night. I host Party Of One, an actual play podcast focused on two-player roleplaying experiences, and co-host All My Fantasy Children, a collaborative character creation and worldbuilding podcast. I’m also the (un)official LARP designer of the Olive Garden restaurant, having written When You’re Here You’re Family, which uses Unlimited Soup, Salad, and Breadsticks as a resolution mechanic. Most importantly, I’ve been playing games for 20+ years, and have read… just, too many RPGs.


Party of One is an Actual Play RPG podcast exploring the world of 2-player RPGs. Every week, GM Jeff Stormer sits down with a guest 1-on-1 and plays through a short, intense, exciting roleplaying game–both to showcase the wide world of games designed for two players, and to explore what happens when we play our favorite games with a party of one.


Mission: Accomplished! is an RPG of Super-spies and office meetings inspired by shows like Archer, The Venture Brothers, and Better Off Ted. You are a team of highly trained super-spies who spend every day saving the world, and no one is better than you. But that’s the easy part of the job…

Once the mission is over, it’s time to sit down with your friendly HR manager and hash things out as a team. Finger pointing, credit stealing, and unfounded accusations against your teammates are your weapons in the meeting room. Your job, no, your DUTY as a secret agent, is to get as much credit as possible for being the one that saved the day.

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All this and more on this weeks edition of Everything is Awesome!

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