Everything is Awesome Episode 149 - Tell 'Em Chuck w/ Chuck Staton

Everything is Awesome Episode 149 – Tell ‘Em Chuck w/ Chuck Staton

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Everything is Awesome Episode 149 - Tell 'Em Chuck w/ Chuck Staton

From THE BRAD AND CHUCK PODCAST, Chuck Staton joins this week’s show! Chuck and Kev chat about podcasting and content creation, in addition to Chuck’s gig with the boys from TELL ‘EM STEVE-DAVE. Before that, we hear how it all started with Chuck Staton, a band, a website, and a podcast.


Chuck Staton is a Providence-based comedian, musician, and filmmaker. You can hear him on the Chuck and Brad Podcast, or with his band, Senior Discount. He’s also a writer for Motif Magazine and is the official Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave filmographer.


The brash, occasionally obscene Chuck Staton and the extremely softspoken Brad Rohrer have released 400 episodes, with over 150 interviews/guest appearances over the past ten years on The Chuck and Brad Podcast.


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All this and more on this weeks edition of Everything is Awesome!

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