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Everything is Awesome Episode 164: Movie Fixers LIVE at the Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2019

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NOTE: This episode was recorded BEFORE the COVID-19 crisis.

Since con season has been paused, we thought we’d bring a piece of that con life to you! We’ve been putting together panels for various Philadelphia based conventions for a few years and when we recorded last year’s set of panels, we never posted them to our feed. So, to kick things off here is the first panel we did for the Great Philadelphia Comic Con in 2019—Movie Fixers! Join Kevin Gallagher (host of Everything is Awesome) and Mike DeAngelo (creator of Tellest and Quantum Quest) and their panel of pop culture enthusiasts (comic book writers/artists, podcasters, comedians, wrestlers, and more) as they each pick a movie they would fix: cast, plot, story, etc. Each panelist gets 10 minutes to talk and discuss it with the rest of the panel. Panelist includes: Mike from The Recasting Couch

Movies discussed on this panel include Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and Hudson Hawk.

For more information about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website or the website for your state’s Department of Health.


Welcome to The Recasting Couch podcast.  This podcast is purely for fun.  We are your hosts Mike and Chris, we’re brothers and have a severe love for movies, games, and podcasts.  So we thought, why not combine them all together for an epic listening experience? (For the record, I hate when people use the word epic to describe demonstrably mundane things)

For years, we have played a movie-based game that we dubbed the recasting game.  We don’t remember when we first played or where we first heard of it.  Hell, we may have even made it up ourselves, who knows? But that’s beside the point.  All we know is that we have wasted hundreds of hours playing.  Perfect for a road trip or just hanging out in the sun it’s the game that everyone can play.  So fun that Whammo! could have invented it.


Tellest is a fantasy world first conceived in the year 2000, by writer Michael DeAngelo.  What started as a brief profile for protagonist Kaos Kreegan quickly spiraled out of control and became a sprawling epic that spans countless stories, mediums, and creators.

In 2014, Tellest began its first big push with the help of a Kickstarter campaign that launched a series of novellas into the world.  It also marked the first occasion where outside artists and storytellers were brought in to lend their hand to the ongoing building process of this fantasy world.

2016 and 2017 saw another set of novellas and novels introduced, and brought interesting new characters into the mix.  Preproduction also began on an upcoming tie-in tabletop card game called Quantum Quest that was met with tremendous approval at conventions and hobby shops.

Looking forward, Tellest is fully embracing its mantra: The World is in Your Hands.  With several projects in the works, the storytellers, designers, and artists are working to make sure this literary world is not only one worth taking a visit to, but one worth staying in.


The Great Philadelphia Comic Con! is dedicated to producing celebrations of comics and pop-culture by providing unique access to talented artists and a family-friendly experience for fans of all ages. Our show motto “Get UR Geek On!” represents the diverse and unique nature of our fans – be they fans of Comics, Movies, TV, Anime, Gaming, Cosplay, or more.


That’s Entertainment Podcast Network is a group of podcasts with the sole purpose to entertain. From comedy to recaps & reviews to sports to health education and more, we give unique voices a place to be heard. That’s Entertainment Podcast Network is committed to making and maintaining an inclusive, welcoming space for podcasters and listeners of all types. To that end, racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, and other related material is unwelcome.


We’ve relaunched our Patreon! With your support, That’s Entertainment and Everything is Awesome will be able to make upgrades to provide not only higher quality content but more of it.

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All proceeds from Patreon, Ko-Fi, itch.io, and many other Crude Humor Studios revenue streams will be used to help those in need during the COVID-19 Crisis. This includes fellow content creators, local businesses, and families in need.

All this and more on this week’s edition of Everything is Awesome!

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