Everything is Awesome Episode 167: A Countdown Begins

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This episode was meant to post back on July 1st, but ::gestures to the world:: is happening. This also meant that I totally forgot I scheduled a post about leaving podcasting for today; feel free to give that a read too. After listening to this episode and reading that post (which I wrote about a month ago), I realize that the impression I give is “I’M OUT FOREVER, BABY!” and that simply is not the case. Everything is Awesome may be done-ish forever (save for panels and/or special interviews), but I’ve already begun pre-pre-production on another audio project. It’s both smaller and larger in scope than this show but offers a way for me to come back to podcasting in the future without having to worry about scheduling (which is huge for me). I will likely wait until I’m in the right headspace to start publishing that project, but once Everything is Awesome has run its course, I should have a complete season of that project wrapped and ready for publication (save for intros/outros/midrolls/whatever I decide to do with that).

All this and more on this week’s edition of Everything is Awesome!

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