Fantasy Book Promo – Out to Give a Dragon Treasure

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The fantasy genre can take it self too seriously sometimes. Outlander and Game of Thrones, two of my favorite shows, both have had very serious, very disheartening episodes this season. Fantasy can, and should be, more than that. The whole point of the genre is to take you to magical realms, where things are just as whimsical as they are dangerous. WillowThe Princess Bride, and Stardust are great examples of fantasy stories, but the worlds aren’t nearly as morose as what we see these days (not that it’s bad to go dark — it’s just fun to have the lighter side too).

Stephen Prescott has the answer to this problem with his novel Out to Give a Dragon Treasure; a great way to start your summer! This isn’t the type of story that will layer you with brooding hero after brooding hero and psychopathic villains; it’s lighthearted and humorous with characters that are quirky and fun.



Can the kingdom survive a once loyal baron’s attempt to gain power? What lines will Baron von Isbin cross to get what he wants? Can the selfish prince, loyal centaur, scholarly mage and the apprentice, the two clerics, and eight guards work together to deliver a treasure to a dragon; when they have yet to ever meet a dragon?

Prescott is a relatively new writer, but he’s got the talent to be a star one day. I’ll be sitting down for an interview with him shortly, so stay tuned for that in the next few days.

You can pickup Out to Give a Dragon Treasure on Amazon.

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