Fantasy Promo – Bring Me The Heart of Your King – Beginning

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Hello to everyone out there, cooped up in your homes in the strangest year we’ve had since I can remember.  I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy, and that you’re only going out for necessities.  A big thank you to everyone who has to go out to work in this—especially our health care workers. Amidst everything that’s going on right now, it’s great to find a bit of an escape, even when it’s bite-sized. Bring Me The Heart of Your King – Beginning, by A. Allen Jones, is a small introduction to the Kingdom of Unity.  At the heart of the short story is a royal family faced with an evil uprising.  It is the story of a young prince asked to do more than should be expected of him in so short a time.  It is also about the prince’s friend, and the pain he feels for his friend when all seems bleakest.  Jones’s tale feels like an arthurian classic, though it is not told without a modern flair. Imagine your existence among kings and queens, and people who lived for honor and glory within their land. Imagine true amazement at God creator all that is beyond our eyes. There is a story tucked deep into the stars; a story of this world at a time long ago. Do you know of the story? This is a story of love and allegiance; a story which fascinates, as delicate as an angel’s first touch. I ask again, do you wish to know this story? Jones succeeds in weaving a narrative that begs to be continued.  By the end of Bring Me The Heart Of Your King, things have unraveled in unexpected ways, and you’re aghast at the presence of no more pages to continue the tale.  The story is set to continue, and you’ll no doubt be eager to see how it proceeds.  For now, check out Bring Me The Heart Of Your King on Nook, Scribd, and Kobo today!