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It’s not very often that we promote historical fantasy here on Tellest, but I cherish every opportunity to do so.  The ability to see a past that we might not know about (or an alternate one that happened a bit differently that the history books say) is a great one, and this week’s promo hits heavy to that notion.

Nicola E. Sheridan, the best selling author, is releasing The Chronicles of Lady E in October.  She’s already got a huge following, and she’s hoping to add you to that growing number.  This particular book is the introduction to a new series by the prolific storyteller.



The Chronicles of Lady E first book release in a series from award winning author Nicola E. Sheridan.

London 1863

Sometimes nothing is what you expect

A monster can be a lady, and a lady can be a monster

In a world on the cusp of extraordinary discoveries and technology, things are changing for the young socialite Lady Elizabeth Grace-James.

Her secret persona, the brutal, cruel and deadly Commander E, dark memories and the feelings that keep writhing to the surface of her tortured psyche.

Yet London and the British Empire as she knows it is in trouble.

The African Alliance is gaining strongholds, and Britain needs her- needs her skills to save the Empire.

Can Lady Elizabeth control her dark desires, and be both a monster and a Lady long enough to do what is right for her country?

Her Heart

Her Queen

The Chronicles of Lady E


Though the book isn’t coming out until October, Sheridan is offering up a pretty great deal leading up to the pre-release.  You can check it out on the book’s website – and don’t forget to visit the author’s page as well.

We’ll keep you up to date on The Chronicles of Lady E as we get closer to its October release!

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