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Hello there everyone.  I hope you had a great holiday!  The 4th of July is one of my favorites, as it gives me one more day to catch up on some reading.  I’m hoping to be all caught up in time for the release of a new book that’s on my radar that’s releasing next Saturday.

Heartfelt Sounds is the debut fantasy title of author C. M. Estopare. It’s the first book in her The World of Sorrel series, and it promises to be an incredible read.  I absolutely love when fantasy is looked at through a lens that might be a little different than we’re used to, and in the case of this novel, that’s exactly what you get.


Orphaned Naia Belle is an apprentice songstress, attached for life to her silkhouse in the illustrious pleasure capital of Sorrel, Felicity. But as the dark clouds of war descend upon Felicity, Naia, ill-prepared and not yet fully trained, is forced from her home and into a nightmare she never imagined.

Driven once more from the haven she finds, posing as a boy and conscripted into a foreign army, Naia struggles to remain hopeful in spite of the trials she faces. Then she discovers there are those who wish to reopen Heaven’s Gate and allow titans to walk the mortal realms once more. Only one power can stop them.

As her friends and allies fall around her, beset by sand wraiths and the soulless dead, with everything she loved now lost to her, Naia faces yet another challenge: the blackened plains of the Void, where she may learn the true power of her voice. A power the necromancers and titans would kill to stop.

A songstress as the heroine?  Count me in.  Naia sounds like she’s going to be a delightful character to read about, and I just can’t wait until the 9th of July to start reading this!  Here’s to hoping that Estopare sees a huge amount of traction with this debut title. Preorder Heartfelt Sounds on Amazon today!

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