Gifted (Book 1 of The Gilded Shackle Series) by C.T. Griffith

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I’ve been lucky enough to know my share of authors, and the thing that I’ve found to be fairly consistent among them? Their love of their geekdom. Whether it be what most people associate with that term, like sci-fi and fantasy, or a sports geek; one thing is common: they love it. When you’re passionate about your project, it makes all the difference in the world and improves your project. Storytelling is something I think everyone should take a stab at; we all have stories. C.T. Griffith takes her love of fantasy and roleplaying and has turned it into her own world full of adventures with her first novel, Gifted (Book 1 of The Gilded Shackle Series).


Teine, a young Human slave, mourns the end of his personal goals and dreams when he is gifted to the son of an unstable, yet influential, Aoife lord. Like his ancestors before him, Teine must learn to navigate the complex politics of the long-lived, powerful and wealthy Aoife, the ruling class of The Empyrean. Surrounded now by an ever expanding world steeped in awakening magic, divided loyalties and hidden dangers, he can’t begin to imagine the adventure his life is about to become…

Gifted (Book 1 of The Gilded Shackle Series) is the first part of an ongoing fantasy series, told in serial format and can be purchased on Amazon (click here to purchase).

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