Halloween Nights: Casper’s Haunted Christmas

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Ok… let’s start off by saying that I have kids… so I now try and incorporate my Halloween Nights movie viewings with them. Going through Netflix Kids, my son decided on Casper’s Haunted Christmas as the movie we were to watch tonight.

Let’s start off by saying that the only thing that makes this a Halloween movie is that there are ghosts in it. On the flip side, the only thing that makes this a Christmas movie is that it takes place around December 25th. This is, however, a Casper movie.

Casper’s Haunted Christmas is a kids movie. That pretty much sums it up, but to try and expand upon that, and trying to focus on the positives; it did have its moments. It did it’s best to put things in there for parents; like referencing Scream.

The mother of Holly Jollimore, I believe her name is Carol, is in her kitchen, making cookies, when Spooky (Caspers cousin) possesses the house phone. The phone rings and what unfolds on screen is a very similar scene to the “Drew Barrymore” scene from the first Scream. It’s a cute little nod for parents who have decided to sit through this movie with their child.

In another scene, we have an often mocked scene in romantic comedies– John Cusack holding the radio up in Say Anything. Casper, who is trying to speak with Holly, had a run in earlier with her in which she said he was being a jerk to her. What she didn’t know, was that it was actually Spooky disguised as Casper, so basically none of the characters know what’s going on at this point. Anyway, Casper want to talk to Holly, and holds a stereo up playing a tape cassette (look it up kids).

There was also an awkward human / ghost teenage kiss.

Casper’s Haunted Christmas scored: ★★☆☆☆

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