Halloween Nights: The Monster Squad

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Make room Garrett Smith, Kev is coming to movie review town!

Every year, I like to watch horror (sometimes thriller) movies during the month of October. I try to do one a day, which I usually fail at (and I already technically did because of Thursday Night Football), but let’s give it a go again this year… perhaps reviewing this movies will keep me going!

I wanted to watch something new to kick things off, so I of course went to the ol’ Netflix and searched their horror category. After a search there, and through both Verizon’s and Comcast’s catalog, I decided that A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) was a lost cause (yes, I have yet to see that movie). I did decide on another classic film that I have yet to see, and that’s The Monster Squad.

I can definitely see this movie’s cult status and being part of that cult status if I had watched this film when I was a young child (or, perhaps after a few more viewings). It’s got everything a cult classic needs: a lovable cast, cheesy villains, and that one line that defines the movie (“Wolfmans got nards!”).

For me, it’s not the instant hit that it was for most of you (or at least those of you from my generation and saw The Monster Squad as a young child); but I won’t rule it out of my viewing rotation for next year. Little things like how some of the monsters look, specifically the Werewolf and man-bat, bothered me; but other things like the man to wolf transition or the exploding werewolf (did I mention, spoilers?) made up for it.

For anyone who has yet to still The Monster Squad, I would definitely recommend seeing it; it kept my interest for the entirety of the movie. However, those of you that are considering watching it with their kids, be mindful of that PG-13 warning (it’s quite obvious that in 1987, PG-13 meant something else; the language early on is not something I’d want my kids to hear at the moment).

What are YOUR thoughts on The Monster Squad? Love it or hate it? What horror or Halloween themed movie should I watch next? Comment below and let me know!

The Monster Squad scored: ★★★☆☆

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