Harley Quinn #46 Review

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The hammer wielding Harley Quinn swings for the fences in her newest issue

After a stalled plotline in Gotham’s underworld, Harley Quinn has gone interstellar in her solo title run.  She wields a hammer like Thor and breaks the forth wall like Deadpool.  This issue balances fight, comedy, and heart from page to page.

When we last left Harley Quinn, she had taken up residence on planet Apokolips as a member of the Female Furies.  Imbued with new powers and a magic hammer, Harley does well on a planet built on battle. But she soon realizes that her position as a Fury means the imprisonment of the downtrodden.

While the super villainess in her loves violence with a psychotic smile, there is still a part of her that wants to help the little guy.

One thing that all citizens of Gotham share, is an appreciation for an under dog.

This issue also gives us two teasers; one pointing to Thanos-style planetary conquest, and a friend in trouble back home, when a member of Harley’s gang, Coach, gets attacked.  Not only is this a good departure from Harley’s usual Suicide Squad role, but it leaves us with a good cliff hanger, unsure where the next installment will take us.  This new version of Harley reminds me of the new Cosmic Ghost Rider released by Marvel; classic character, on a space adventure, with new powers, and fueled by reckless abandon.  She even makes time to stop for a hamburger, or the closest equivalent found on planet Apokolips.

Over-all, I think this a good stride that will soon break off into a run.

Is it my favorite Harley story?  No, but it is one of the best multi-issue arcs I have seen all year.  Paul Dini’s ‘Harley Loves Joker’ fell flat.  Issues #43 & #44 lost it’s steam before it was wrapped up.  Simultaneously, Harley is caught up in a spat with the Joker in ‘Batman: Prelude to the Wedding’.  With all these plot lines, this new issue of Harley Quinn has got momentum to carry it forward, and beyond.  Let’s see where it goes from here.

Score: 8/10

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