Harley Quinn #50 Review

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Harley Quinn smashes the DC Universe into smithereens

Buckle your seat belts, comic fans.  This issue is going to be a bumpy ride.  If you like a good multiverse collapse story, then you will love this parody of ‘Dark Nights: Metal’ in Harley Quinn #50.

When we last left Harley, she had just returned from a summer vacation on planet Apokolips.  Now she is strolling the beach on Coney Island, catching up with her mom, and filling up on some heart-stopping junk food from Earth.  It does not take long for chaos to ensue, as Harley’s mom fades away into rose petals, and the world descends into technicolor prisms. The source of this madness? Bum-bum-bummm. A Comic Book!

Harley Quinn has made the mistake of picking up a copy of her own comic, causing the whole DC Universe to collapse into continuity chaos.  Soon Harley is falling through a multiverse gravity well, witnessing classic heroes in comics that should not exist. The pages are inundated with Frankenstein Harley Quinn, Dinosaur Superman, and one very confused Lobo.  

As the DC Universe spins out of control, Harley is joined by Jonni the DC Continuity Cop.  She is a throw-back character from the days of ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ and the marshal of the comic book landscape.  But even Jonni is pushed to the limit as different characters cascade and collide in a multiverse Armageddon.

This forces Harley to pick up the pen and start writing her own comic, in an attempt to save her mom and all of DC.

Personally, I love this shit.  I have always loved movies like ‘Dark City’ and ‘Vanilla Sky’ and their dramatic destruction of reality as we know it.  In recent years, reality shifts have become so commonplace in comic books, that the theme is becoming overused and heavy handed.  Did someone say heavy handed? Looks like a job for Harley Quinn.

They took a good ole anniversary issue concept, then invited some great artists for a continuity-smashing jam session.

Between ‘Dark Nights: Metal’, Time Gem waving despots, and Deadpool sequels, this was the perfect time for Harley Quinn to start making fun of the metaphysical trope.  Better still, writer Sam Humphries took the opportunity to enlist a host of great artists to draw each strange universe that Harley discovers. Agnes Garbowska, Brett Booth, and even Kelley Jones, illustrator of classics like ‘Sandman: Seasons of Mists’ and ‘Batman: Knightfall’.  

Classic Harley comedy, delightfully surprising cameos, and fourth wall murdering with malice of forethought. Who know where it goes from here.

Score: 9.5/10


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