Harry’s War by Ed Benjamin

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Ed Benjamin, after being born in Oklahoma City, grew up in Birmingham, Alabama; York, Alabama, and Greensboro, North Carolina. Ed attended college at Saint Andrews Presbyterian college in Laurinburg, North Carolina,  and after graduating with a Bachelors Degree, joined the United States Air Force; serving his country for 27 years and 4 months. While in the Air Force, Ed worked with procurement officials for about 10 years helping acquisition teams evaluate and procure major Air force systems, such as the F-15 fighter, the B-1 bomber, the B-2 bomber, and other major systems. While in the Air Force, he earned his Masters Degree in Political Science from auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama as well as attending major Air Force schools such as the Squadron Officers School, the United States Air Force Command and Staff College, and the United States Air Force War College. His latest novel, Harry’s War, is his first fictional novel.


Harry’s War is the story of a hero victorious in battle and broken in peace. It describes how fighter pilot warriors think, and the challenges they face when they return to earth. The air combat “dogfight” scene in this story entertains you better than any other novel. This is not a Top Gun BS story. It deals with real courage and heroism. You can purchase Harry’s War here!

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