Review: Hawkman #2

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A little added depth (and an unexpected fight) continue to build foundations for success.

The first dive into an old character back in #1 left me wanting more, but I knew there was a price I’d have to pay. I knew going in that there were going to be issues of setup that I was going to suffer through. Like any good series, from Breaking Bad or Gotham or Mad Men, there are a few instances of “meh” content that sets up for a bang later.

Somehow, some way, they have skipped over that here.

They dive deeper into the questions brought up in the previous issue, basically starting from the beginning like any good archaeologist would. You have been presented with an incomplete skeleton and now is when you start figuring out what pieces are missing, and where can I find them. And this whole entry into the series continues to tug on my “Indiana Jones” heartstrings.

A visit to an old friend in a museum, a miscellaneous duel with an unexpected character, clues that are hazy at best and a satchel to boot. It’s Henry Jones Jr. 101, and I love it.

Score: 6/10

Don’t expect this to be a heavy hitter, but do expect an interesting development that answers a few questions and opens up a few more. It’s a solid continuation of depth without boring us to death.

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