Hawkman #3 Review

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The continuing saga of “Indiana Jones with Wings” brings us to savage places, this time with answers.

Battling a T-Rex into submission requires a lot of head work, not just muscle. Obviously Hawkman has both but lets not get ahead of ourselves. This mystery unfolding before us on these pages is going to take some work for our brains as well. That’s ok, though. Considering how well the story is being constructed it’s a fun puzzle to go for a ride on.

Our saga continues with a bit of time-crunching, which sometimes bothers me. But I get the point of it this time, as well as that we’ve already established the seeming irrelevance of time during this adventure. The reason it’s irrelevant? Because we are trying to get it out of the way of the answer to our question of not where or when is Hawkman but:

Why is Hawkman?

What or who started off the life of this man who not only can fly, but re-incarnates across generations to fight evil. Although is that really his purpose? SO MANY QUESTIONS. A few of them get answered in this issue as well as insight to a few characters (and places) we’ve never considered before.

Score: 8/10

Needless to say I’ll continue reading, seeing as how this one, just like the last two, ends on a juicy cliff-hanger that sends our hero across time once again to face off against….himself? Again?

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