Mini Movie Review – Headhunters, 2011

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If I remember correctly, I watched Headhunters based on a recommendation from Kumail Nanjiani on someone’s podcast. And I’m really glad I did. Headhunters is a tight little thriller about a small man trying to live big through art thieving. And then he decides to steal from the wrong guy. Now I know that sounds like a pretty standard set up, but what’s interesting about this movie is the way it plays on your expectations of how a thriller like this plays out. For instance, details that seem important in the first 30 minutes are completely left behind as the plot takes some unexpected left turns, only to circle back on said details in its finale. It’s pretty impressive stuff, and really well acted. My only problem is that it ties up with a bow so nicely at the end it almost feels unsatisfyingly complete. Although that’s not so much a legit criticism as it is a taste thing for me. Either way, this is pretty worthwhile stuff.

Also, shout out to Norway’s Steve Buscemi, Aksel Hennie. Seriously, how are they not the same person?

Headhunters scores: ★★★ (out of 5)

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