Mini Movie Review: I Origins

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I think I Origins is one I will revisit with time and hopefully find more to invest in. There's so much movie here, it's hard to know where to begin this review, because it's hard to know what to think about this movie. It packs so much story into its run time that it actually gets to be many kinds of movies. It is a meet-cute romance, a philosophical think-piece, a science-fiction mind-bender. And it sort of breaks itself up, like Upstream Color, into three distinct acts, each made up of one of these kinds of movie's. Whereas I found Upstream Color extremely effective in its structure, I think perhaps it undermined this a little bit. The acting is pretty great all around in I Origins, especially the lead performance. The film-making is cheap and small, but effective for the story that's being told. It gets across some big sci-fi ideas without having to actually be big, which I always find impressive. I'm just unsure of what I'm to make of this - what it wants me to get out of it. I will say I was pretty moved by the end of this movie, I just wasn't sure why. I think it had something to do with how true to life this feels. Although it's science-fiction, and although some people might find the way the relationships evolve to be "un-romantic" let's say, I think it's actually true to what relationships are like in actuality. The idealized version of what a relationship is is simply that, idealized. They rarely fit into that mold that we're raised on through movies and retellings of our grandparent's meet-cute. And at the very least this movie seems to be touching on that, although maybe not investigating it. I suppose what I'm saying is I Origins is worth seeing, and perhaps with more time, age, and maturity I'll invest more in it and find more to enjoy about it, maybe even cracking the "what it's all about" of it that I found so confounding.
I Origins scored: ★★★☆☆ Purchase I Orgins on Blu-Ray here. Or, rent the movie from here.