In Vitro Lottery by Ed Ryder

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We have a great new book to share with you from first time author, Ed Ryder. If you know my history from the podcasting world, you know I appreciate people that embrace the indie life style and Mr. Ryder is one of those people. The benefit of living in today’s world is that we have many opportunities, in whichever medium we’re in, to self-publish and self-market. It’s more work, but you get to create the art you want versus the art your told to make to conform to the norm.


How far would you go to uncover the truth of an injustice? What would you sacrifice, and what would you become? In this dystopian thriller, Kate Adams is about to find out.

Decades after a deadly plague has ravaged the world, the children of the survivors can only reproduce via complex fertility treatment. Some can afford it, but for everyone else there is the In Vitro Lottery.
Kate never really wanted a family, so when her numbers come up she gives her winning ticket to her sister. But when tragedy strikes, Kate is forced out of her own small existence and sent on a collision course with the clinic CEO Victor Pearson, the pressure group IVFree and the Government in her quest for answers. When the fate of humanity is at stake, who really controls the future, and what will they do to protect it?

With research laboratories already conducting gene editing experiments on human embryos, In Vitro Lottery is a dark glimpse into our possible future, and asks can an ethical line ever be drawn against the greater good?

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