Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia

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A new comic series brings wrestling from the stars

Hyperbole, spandex, comedy, and aliens abound in the new flagship title from Suspicious Behavior Productions.

Uh oh, I think I have discovered my new favorite comic book.  

To start, I am a wrestling fan.  Yeah, I admit it. When I was a kid I was astounded by Wrestlemania, and captivated by ECW. There is still a piece of me that likes watching a kitschy, muscle-bound soap opera.  It’s a genre that is so dramatic it will convince people to spend their hard-earned money to watch a fixed fight. What was once a carnival act became national broadcasts, to sold-out stadiums, and now million dollar pay-per-view specials.  

Wrestlemania 3 still holds one of the highest in-door attendance records in history. But if you turn on a recent 3 hour long episode of Smackdown, you will notice that the industry still attempts to define itself by banking on their nostalgic “Hulk Hogan” era past with limited success.  ‘Wrestletopia’ takes that nostalgia, blends it, twists it, and takes it to an all new level.

‘Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia’ follows the ups-and-downs of champion Rory Landell.  

Like many true professional wrestlers, Rory has been kicked out of the spotlight, screwed over by promoters, all while his ego and his drinking habits stymie his career.  This leads to Rory cutting a dynamite promo where he disavows the AWF Title being taken away from him, declaring himself the Galactic Champion of the Universe on broadcast TV.

Years later, the broadcast signal reaches a far-away planet called Wrestletopia.  The hyperbole-laced promo cut by Rory is seen as an intergalactic challenge, causing a big stir on an alien planet populated by champions.  Their leader, Manifest Destiny, accepts Rory’s challenge and sends an invasionary force to Earth to capture him. Little does Rory know that a territorial tirade from the 1980s is about to become all out war.

Wrestlers fighting Aliens?  Sure, we’ve all seen that before.  

But ‘Wrestletopia’ sets itself apart through style and fantastic writing.  Even in the realm of real wrestling; flying elbow drops are a common trope, but the style and the flamboyance of the performer is what makes it devastating and entertaining.  There are qualities of this comic that remind me of Lobo, or 2000 A.D., infused with the classic wrestling banter forged by Macho Man Randy Savage and Classy Freddie Blassie. ‘Wrestletopia’ has set the stage for a massive brawl that will make ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ look like a tea party.  To put it simply, I am hooked.

Score: 10/10

Catch ‘Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia’ from Suspicious Behavior Productions at comic shops everywhere.


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