Justice League Dark #2 Review

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The success of our heroes is all a matter of Fate.

When we last left our heroes, the cadavers of fallen Magic users had sprung back to life. Deep in the basement of the Hall of Justice, we find them still going toe to toe following a flashback to Wonder Woman’s past. For Bobo, Diana, Swamp Thing, Man-Bat and Zatanna however, it is a swift dispatch.

Another, shorter, scuffle ensues afterword though, as Wonder Woman demands answers from Zatanna on why magic is going haywire. Having received a special message from her dead father, it is apparent that the original owners of Earth’s Magic is coming back for what is rightfully theirs.

They may also be intent on punishing us for using it.

For the magic related issues happening around the Earth, there is only one person to go to for answers: Dr. Fate.

But while Swamp Thing has a secret meeting with John Constantine (that he wasn’t intending), Diana and the rest of the League discover that nothing is as it seems. That includes friends.

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