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Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of books by awesome writers.  Usually, we look at books that have already been released, but occasionally, we get an opportunity to help books getreleased.  We’ve had some promos in the past that have helped out in this regard, and today, we’re hoping you could help out another author worthy of your support.

A.D. Folmer’s sophomore release is now on Kindle Scout.  The Atchafalaya Horror is a follow-up to the much lauded supernatural book, Beneath the Mall of Madness.  With Kindle Scout, the more a book is nominated for the program, the better its chances of ultimately releasing on the platform.  And best of all, if the book that you nominate is chosen as that 30-day period’s winner, you get a copy of that book, absolutely free!

Check out the cover and the blurb below to see if The Atchafalaya Horror is up your alley.


Jaspar has seen his share of crazy as a necromancer, but nothing like the crazy of a cryptid convention full of people who believe that yetis, bunyips, and chupacabras are real and have the blurry photos to prove it. Unfortunately, his powers are put to the test as attendees start vanishing during the annual snipe hunt in the Louisiana swamp and reappearing dead in the basement of his hotel. As the suspect list grows, he finds himself in danger of falling victim to the Atchafalaya Horror.

The Atchafalaya Horror is A.D. Folmer’s second book in the Jaspar Windisle volumes.  Her first book is very well reviewed, and this one needs all the help it can get, as the Kindle Scout program is very competitive.  If you’ve got your eyes out for a smart, humorous horror story, there’s no better place to look than The Atchafalaya Horror.  Check it out on Kindle Scout today, and remember that if you nominate it and it wins, you get a copy of the book absolutely free when it is published!

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