Late to the Game… of Thrones: Episode IX – Baelor & Fire and Blood

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Get ready for this double long episode as we talk about Game of Thrones Season 1 Episodes 9 and 10. In episode 9, Baelor, we give Tyrion all the love, note how good of a chess player Robb Stark is, Kev digs on the Jon Snow and Aemon scene, while Essos has become the most interesting place (in Kev’s opinion). Oh… and something about Ned Stark and his head… we’re not sure what happened there. Cutting over to Episode 10, Fire and Blood, we witness each Stark react to the news of Ned’s fate, the North declares their independence, the guys talk about Arya’s destiny, Joffery is a straight up a dick, and AQUAMAN DIES?!?! (Spoilers).

Kev’s Theories

The following are a list of theories that Kev is coming up with as he watches the show. Anything written in a normal black font means that the theory (as of this podcast episode) has not been proven correct or wrong. Anything written in bold green means Kev was right (and you likely knew all along) as of the podcast / Game of Thrones episode listed next to it and anything written in bold red means Kev was wrong (and you likely laughed at his foolishness all along) as of the podcast / Game of Thrones episode listed next to it.

Theory 1: Joffrey is the incestuous lovechild of Jaime and Cersei Lannister. 1.06 A Golden Crown / 1.07 You Win or You Die
Theory 2: Tyrion did not send the assassin after Bran, but his siblings (Jaime and Cersei) did.
Theory 2a: Jaime and Cersei are also responsible for Jon Arryn’s death.
Theory 3: Bran will walk again.
Theory 4: Samwell Tarly will either die or become a bad ass trained by Jon Snow.
Theory 5: Certain Doom to the Seven Kingdoms (or Robert at the very least) if assassination attempt is made on Daenerys and child.
Theory 6: Daenerys will lose the baby, but a dragon egg will hatch and she’ll have a little dragon baby. 1.10 Fire and Blood
Theory 7: Jorah is playing the long game, setting things up.
Thoery 7a: White Walkers need the extreme cold to reawaken.
Theory 8: Tyrion will do something that’s considered traitorous towards his family, but more than likely in secret.
Theory 8a: Syrio Forel is still alive.
Theory 9: House Stark will trade Jaime Lannister
Theory 10: Jon Snow Won’t Stay At The Wall
Theory 10a: Catelyn Stark won’t hate Jon Snow anymore

Listen to what a new comer thinks of Game of Thrones on an all new Late to the Game… of Thrones! We’ll be back next week to talk about Baelor and Fire and Blood!

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