Looking for RPG: Tellest – The Enkindled Brotherhood Episode 1: Everyone Gets a Crepe!

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This podcast has been years in the making! We’ve talked about doing a tabletop RPG podcast about four years ago and now that we’ve got a bit of tabletop experience under our belt, we’re ready to pod it!

A great mystery has befallen Versali-Virai. Once known for it’s impressive wares and the skill of it’s fighters it produced, their army has been suffering great losses in the conflict with neighboring classes. Weapons fall apart and soldiers sent back with horrific wounds; Prince Philip has sought the help of great heroes to help unravel the threads that he is certain are beginning in his city. Those heroes, Cora’s champions, soon discover that a dark force is in motion within Versali-Virai. Looking for RPG presents: The Enkindled Brotherhood, a Tellest story.

In our first episode, our heroes, Cora’s Champions, meet a new (and rather strange) man who is eager to help them on their journey. But, can he be trusted?

All this and more on this weeks edition of Looking for RPG: Tellest!

Looking for RPG: Tellest is available the last  Friday of the month at midnight! If you’re feeling extra generous, please consider leaving us a review on iTunes (hopefully we’ll awesome enough to earn 5 stars)- ratings and reviews work into Apple’s magic math to get more eyes on the show, and that would be very cool!

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