Metaphysical Self-Help Fiction Promo – Blink.: Look into the Eye of a Truthful Story

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Hello there folks.  Allow me to take a moment to speak directly with you.  My name is Michael DeAngelo, and a lot of the time, when you’re seeing a book promo here on That’s Entertainment, it’s a syndicated post that’s pointing right back to my website, Tellest, which focuses on Fantasy stories, as well as Sci-Fi and Horror.  Today, though, we’re promoting our first book that sits outside of those genres.  Blink.: Look into the Eye of a Truthful Story is a pseudo self-help book wrapped around a fictional veneer, and it’s been authored by a talented 14-year-old.  Let’s pull back the curtain to see what makes the book tick.

Blink.: Look into the Eye of a Truthful Story is a very stream of conscious sort of book, but it coalesces to form an important message.  In a lot of ways, it captures the life of a typical early teenager—it can be chaotic and confusing, but also beautiful and inspiring.  It no doubt speaks to the teenage psyche, and other teens will be drawn to this and the hardships that someone might endure when they’re bullied or ignored by the people who are supposed to look after them.

Blink is a book based on the story of an average all-around teen who suffers mental illness. The story focuses on a girl called Dalia whose experiences almost lead her to . . .

When life gets hard, Dalia begins to read a journal, which she found, called Blink. And she then begins to see the world in a different light.

Marvellous A delivers a debut that is sure to pique your curiosity.  There’s a lot to see in Dalia’s story, with hidden storylines lying beneath the surface, but if you’re interested in understanding just what goes on in the mind of a damaged teenager, this will life the veil.  Check out Blink.: Look into the Eye of a Truthful Story (paid link) on Amazon today.  Also available through Barnes and Noble and Waterstones.



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