Micro-Podcasting to Ending Cancer

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On Sunday, January 29th, 2017, Everything is Awesome is celebrating it’s one year podiversary and it’s going to be a great fun time. The fact that most of this came together in about a month is nothing but short of a miracle. And it couldn’t have happened without any of the awesome sponsors that have jumped on board


SpareMin is a fantastic app for podcasters of any level. Whether you’re an interviewer or a micro-podcaster, this tool lets you record up to 30 minutes of a conversation right from your phone (and through their app). Your guest doesn’t even need to the app– they can call you via a number and pin / extension assigned to you. There isn’t an easier way to podcast than with SpareMin– and don’t worry, your audio isn’t stuck within the app forever! You can easily nab the audio for your use, or embed their player on your site.

We’d like to thank SpareMin for giving us the ability to have an open bar (limited to bottles / drafts and until funds run out) at our event at Tattooed Mom on Sunday! It’s such a cool thing for them to do! Find out more at SpareMin.com

Tattooed Mom

My first experience with Tattooed Mom was at the 4th Annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival (which partially inspired and helped make Sunday’s show possible). It’s such a unique and colorful place that supports the arts big time. Once I knew I wanted to put on an event as big as I was, I knew that the only place I could do it was at Tattooed Mom. Amazing drinks and amazing food to go along with an amazing Sunday of free entertainment. Thanks to them, we have a lovely place to record and a custom $5 drink for our event: the Awesome Bomb.

Find out more at tattooedmomphilly.com

BridgeSet Sound

Another friend of ours that we met through the Philadelphia Podcast Festival, is the place to go to not only find all your musical (and podcast) needs, but offer amazing services to get your home or business to sound amazing. They also do some cool showcases (including Everything is Awesome being their first live podcast) of bands and podcasts in their South Street store.

Find out more at BridgeSetSound.com


Tellest is a fantasy book series created by Everything is Awesome Late Night co-host, Mike DeAngelo and has unofficially sponsored every live show we’ve done by providing prizes for our Awesome Trivia game we play during the show. Spanning over 10 books already, the series recently had a successful Kickstarter campaign to extend the universe even further.

Find out more at Tellest.com

Fireball Printing

Fireball Printing prints high quality products of just about anything. I was amazed at what products they offered and was very excited when the agreed to help us out with some print materials. Your printed materials can define how serious your business is and Fireball Printing will make you stand out from the rest. Damn Fine Printing.

Find out more at FireBallPrinting.com


Zencastr is a game changer for long form podcasters. Whether you’re doing a long form interview / conversational podcast, doing an actual play RPG podcast, Zencastr is your go to tool for recording with people who are in other locations. For anything over 30 minutes, I use Zencastr to interview people across the globe and it sounds like we’re sitting right next to each other. This is achieved by each side of the conversation being recorded locally and then saved to the host’s cloud account.

Find out more at Zencastr.com

WildFire Radio

WildFire Radio is a premier streaming service and podcast network in the Greater Philadelphia area. Having recently visited their studios, I was more than impressed on what I saw and proved how far (and respected) podcast has come (and become). They care about the podcasting community and are streaming our event LIVE for those that can’t make it.

Find out more at WildFireRadio.com

Fuck Cancer

This is one is near and dear to my heart. It was my hail mary pass when it came to finding sponsors. When we started talking, it was apparent that they were just as excited as we were to make it happen. They focus on prevention, early detection, and supporting those affected by cancer; using with, edge, and humor to improve health outcomes through health education, community programs, and events. We will be collecting donations on site or you can donate on their website, letsfcancer.com

Find out more (and donate) at LetsFCancer.com

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