mimi and mal the podcast episode 1 - once upon a time

Mimi and Mal Episode 1: Once Upon a Time

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Mimi and Mal launch their podcast with no escape from Once Upon a Time, but before the chat about the OUAT alumni, the nerdettes got to Winterfell and chat Game of Thrones, Dapper Day, Captain Marvel and much more!


When two nerdettes at heart who are also LA based actress/singers come together to form adventures of their own together: “The Mimi and Mal Adventures were born! Amiée ‘MiMi’ Conn & Malerie ‘Mal’ McDonald join forces from their individual talents and have created a dynamic duo group, bringing their musical talents, comedy, and event hosting under an umbrella of hosting/ cosplay/convention nerd life and their own creative content.

All this and more on this weeks edition of Mimi and Mal!


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All this and more on this episode of Mimi and Mal!

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